The Step-by-Step Method to Win Government


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Bid & Win

This course will show you exactly how to grow your federal contracting business by bidding and winning within 6 weeks.


We're taking the gatekeeper out of the business. Build your pipeline without expensive tools and consultants.

Self-Paced Skill-Building

We've packaged 20 years of government contracting experience to accelerate your business.

All-in-one tool you need to build a successful govcon business.

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Unlock the secrets to winning government contracts with our proven methods. Join our course now and gain the expertise to confidently bid and secure lucrative contracts for your business, just like we did with over $500 MILLION in contracts last year for our clients. Get started on your path to success today!

A Course for Busy Govcon Executives

Empower business leaders at every scale - whether you're leading a small, mid-sized, or large organization - to drive growth in federal contracting. Our course is designed to provide a strong foundation for supporting leaders in their quest for expansion. Crafted by a team of business owners, Federal contracting executives, and seasoned business development experts, our approach goes beyond theory. This is actionable. We have won business, applied our knowledge, and worked with the system, not for it.


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